October-December 2021 – In charge of our own transition

into Sagittarius (7 Oct. GMT 11:21)
into Capricorn (5 Nov. GMT 10:44)
retro in Capricorn (19 Dec. GMT 10:36)

Venus’ retro happens less often compared to Mercury retros, but it can hurt where your ‘feminine’ lays. Venus retro will affect you for 6 weeks long (until 29 Jan. 2022), from where the sign of Capricorn is in your birth chart. Take extra care with your home if it’s 4th house, finance if it’s 2nd, career if it’s 10th, and so forth. It is better to wait – there will be time for a review/reverse later when Venus is direct again. And it can make or break, as Venus moves slower than Mercury, thus affects longer or a deeper level. We are in the zone from around 18 Nov. when Venus hits 11 Capricorn (the degree where Venus goes direct).

direct in Libra (18 Oct. GMT 15:17)
into Scorpio (5 Nov. GMT 22:35)
into Sagittarius (24 Nov. GMT 15:36)
into Capricorn (13 Dec. GMT 17:52)

Mercury ends its retro that has been since end September on the 18th of October. What makes mid October unique: just 10 hours prior to Mercury ending its retro, Jupiter also goes direct (see below). You can also count Saturn direct (11th) as well as Pluto direct (6th) in October. Thus, as far as traditional planets go, none is retrograding (until 19 Dec. when Venus does). Things move forward and fast, and Mercury is the taskmaster of moving/exchanging or taking over other planets’ ‘homework’.

direct in Aquarius (18 Oct. GMT 5:30)
into Pisces (29 Dec. GMT 4:09)

We had 11 weeks of Jupiter in Pisces (its 2nd home sign) in May-July this year, which was probably too short a time to know fully Jupiter in Pisces. After going direct at 22 Aquarius in October, Jupiter will enter Pisces again, this time definitively, right at the end of this year. Enjoy creative bubbles and ingenious ways of conducting things. Make them happen!

into Scorpio (30 Oct. GMT 14:21)
into Sagittarius (13 Dec. GMT 9:53)

When Mars (malefic) is in its 2nd home sign of Scorpio, we have comfortably functioning and methodically malicious Martian energy. Aspects to watch out for: conjunct Mercury and square Saturn (10 Nov.), opposite Uranus (17 Nov.) and square Jupiter (8 Dec.). There are no risks that can be taken without consequences under this sky.

lunar eclipse at 27 Taurus (19 Nov. GMT 8:57)
solar eclipse at 12 Sagittarius (4 Dec. GMT 7:43)

The very last eclipse of this year belongs to the Saros series ‘5 South’ and it is a joyful and happy eclipse. Most importantly (though it is true with all eclipses), benefits it brings will affect you not just on the day of eclipse, but also afterwards. Resonance waves of eclipses are much longer than other lunar influences. So enjoy and appreciate this last eclipse in December and stay hopeful.

into Capricorn (21 Dec. GMT 15:59)

The ingress of the Sun into Capricorn marks the winter solstice. A full moon is just after us, and the Moon is still in its home sign of Cancer. Finally the people (Moon) are in charge, moving towards an inevitable change. The nodes of the Moon are at the end (begin, as they go backwards) of Gemini-Sagittarius axis and enter Taurus-Scorpio the following day. Embrace every/any change that is needed.

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