2022 Overview

Jupiter in Pisces and Aries

Jupiter’s home signs are Sagittarius and Pisces. In Pisces, Jupiter is probably less typical and more fluid in its manifestation. Jupiter will remain in Pisces until 10 May 2022, when it enters Aries, beginning a new cycle around 12 signs. Due to its retro (29 July – 24 Nov.), it returns into Pisces for about two months (28 Oct. – 20 Dec.), so dominant colours and expressions of Jupiter will shift between Pisces and Aries this year. When Jupiter is in Aries, watch where Mars (ruler of Aries) is, as Jupiter is not as free as in its own home/Pisces.

Mercury retro

Mercury’s retrogrades this year:
in Aquarius – Capricorn (14 Jan. – 4 Feb.), Gemini – Taurus (10 May – 3 June), Libra – Virgo (10 Sept. – 2 Oct.) and Capricorn (29 Dec. – 18 Jan. 2023). The one to watch out for is perhaps the one in Gemini/Taurus, during which both Jupiter and Mars enter Aries. All in all, mercury retro always adds drama to a bigger drama happening in the background among other planets.

Mars retro

Mars retro is usually less subtle and more disruptive, compared to Mercury retro. It occurs on 30 Oct. (until 12 Jan. 2023) at 25 (back to 8) degrees Gemini. Double-ness of Gemini is the key: do it all over again, twice as big/bad/complicated, what more in that range. Force not, and wait for a better time.


The first solar eclipse (new moon) of the year occurs on April 30, at 10 Taurus. The Saros series it belongs to is 6 North, concerned with ‘authority figures’ and ‘commitments’.
The second solar eclipse occurs on 25 Oct. at 2 Scorpio, which belongs to 6 South, with emphasis on ‘being forceful and taking power’.

(More in details in my quarterly forecasts throughout the year).

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