January-March 2022

into Aquarius (2 Jan. GMT 7:10)
retro at 10 Aquarius (14 Jan. GMT 11:41)
retro into Capricorn (26 Jan. GMT 3:05)
direct at 24 Capricorn (4 Feb. GMT 4:14)
into Aquarius (14 Feb. GMT 21:54)
into Pisces (10 Mar. GMT 1:32)
into Aries (27 Mar. GMT 7:44)

Due to its retro, Mercury will stay in Aquarius for the majority of these three months, until it enters Pisces and then Aries in March. Mercury in Aquarius is quite versatile, especially in networking of people, cultures, or languages. During its retro, however, it becomes less trustworthy and more unpredictable. You can have fun with it, if you do not take it too seriously.

into Capricorn (24 Jan. GMT 12:53)
into Aquarius (6 Mar. GMT 6:23)

Mars is exalted in Capricorn, hence it is strong and assertive (read: destructive and hurting) while it is in Capricorn. As for aspects: Mars trine Uranus (8 Feb.) and Mars conjunct Pluto (3 Mar.) are not to mess with. Both are multiplied in terms of their malefic powers.

direct at 11 Capricorn (29 Jan. GMT 8:46)
into Aquarius (6 Mar. GMT 6:30)

Venus retro is never good for that which Venusian influence is felt, i.e. relationship, beauty and money matters. Her direct motion is therefore good news, wherever you have Capricorn in your natal chart.
In March, Venus enters Aquarius almost exactly the same time as Mars, hence the two making conjunction straight away at the gate of Aquarius. That weekend, together with the Sun-Jupiter conjunction on 5 March, can be used for special purposes.

The Sun
into Aries (20 Mar. GMT 15:33)

The sun’s ingress into Aries is the astrological new year; it gives insight into the coming year. What is strongest in the chart is Jupiter, both in sign and place (angular). The Moon is about to change sign into Scorpio and will square Mars. Mercury (Ascendant for the chosen place/the Netherlands) is weak in sign (detriment and fall in Pisces), but strong as place (angular) and will conjunct Jupiter the following day. There is no obvious ominous feeling about this chart. Jupiter commands the sky from its ruling sign of Pisces, assisting you to be creative in your solutions and initiations.

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