April-June 2022 – Commitments, actions and hope

– into Pisces (5 April, GMT 15:18)
– into Aries (2 May, GMT 16:10)
– into Taurus (28 May, GMT 14:46)
– into Gemini (23 June, GMT 00:34)

Venus is exalted in Pisces and has triplicity ruler status, so she is expressive and fluent in Pisces. It is in Taurus, however, that Venus is at her maximum of splendor, being sign (as well as triplicity) ruler of Taurus. Aspects she makes whilst she is in Taurus are, however, quite heavy (conjunct Uranus, square Saturn, trine Pluto). Expect powerful and assertive expressions of Venus being in charge.

– into Taurus (11 April, GMT 02:09)
– into Gemini (29 April, GMT 22:23)
– retro in Gemini 4 (10 May, GMT 11:48)
– direct in Taurus 26 (3 June, GMT 08:00)
– into Gemini (13 June, GMT 15:27)

The second retrograde of Mercury this year takes place in and around the Gemini-Taurus sign boundary. Mercury is strong in its own sign of Gemini, but since it only enters 4 degrees before it starts retrograding, this retro will certainly manifest in doubts (self and others), uncertainties, last-minute cancellations and regrettable incidents. Better wait for a direct and cheerful Mercury in Gemini (after 13 June).

– into Pisces (15 April, GMT 03:06)
– into Aries (24 May, GMT 23:17)

Mars moves into Pisces ruled by Jupiter, while Jupiter is still present in Pisces. Then Jupiter enters Aries (see below), creating the mutual reception, i.e. Mars in Pisces ruled by Jupiter, Jupiter in Aries ruled by Mars. Which ends when Mars enters Aries. The actual conjunction between Mars and Jupiter occurs on 29 May at 3 degrees of Aries. This relationship and close encounter between the two ‘warriors’ (malefic and benefic) will affect (war) negotiations and other conflict situations.

– conjunct Neptune (12 April, GMT 14:42)
– into Aries (10 May, GMT 23:22)

The conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune takes place every 13 years approximately. Although Neptune is not traditionally (astrologically) considered, such events are rare and worthy of note. Neptune is no substance, no boundaries, essentially made of dreams. It is anti-thesis of logic and structure (Saturn). The conjunction with Jupiter (law, justice) brings idealism, not practical for realisation.

Jupiter’s ingress into Aries shifts the atmosphere. Leaving its own sign of rulership (Pisces), Jupiter enters Mars’ territory (Aries). There will be no lack of actions with Jupiter in Aries. The question is rather: will the conflict in Ukraine end before or after Jupiter enters Aries?

– New moon in Taurus 10 (30 April, GMT 20:28)

The first eclipse of this year occurs on 30 April at 10 degrees of Taurus. Eclipse always affects us and the moon is exalted in Taurus, so doubly intense. This eclipse belongs to ‘6 North’ (Saros cycle), which highlights one’s stance to authority figures, accountability and commitments. Under this Moon, two benefic, Venus and Jupiter conjoin in Pisces 27, exact degrees where Venus is exalted. One is hopeful and encouraged to take responsibility.

– into Cancer (21 June, GMT 09:14)

The sun’s ingress into Cancer marks the Solstice, longest day of light in the northern hemisphere. 4 planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn) are in their own ruling signs; Venus-Saturn square and Mercury-Jupiter sextile have taken place, prior to the ingress. The moon’s last aspect is square to the Sun, next aspect conjunct Jupiter. We may be individually strong, but how do we relate to each other? Do not follow bellicose and head strong Mars in Aries in any case – you do not want to make enemies.

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