July-September 2022

– into Taurus (5 July, GMT 6:04)
– into Gemini (20 Aug., GMT 7:56)

Mars is detriment (in exile) in Taurus, which is a distinctive difference compared to its compellingly powerful presence in Aries. Taurus is ruled by Venus which is the opposing force or the enemy of Mars, that is why. In any case, there will be a different kind of assertiveness in the air with Mars in Taurus. Much will depend on where Venus is or what Venus does. After entering Gemini, Mars will slow down due to its retrograde which begins at the end of October (until 12 January 2023). All in all, Mars will remain in the sign of Gemini until 25 March 2023! We will see what this extremely long Mars in Gemini shall entail.
Aspects to watch for: Mars square Saturn (7 Aug.), Mars trine Saturn (28 Sept.), both not easy.

– into Cancer (5 July, GMT 6:25)
– into Leo (19 July, GMT 12:35)
– into Virgo (4 Aug., GMT 6:58)
– into Libra (26 Aug., GMT 1:03)
– retro in Libra 8 (10 Sept., GMT 3:37)
– retro back in Virgo (23 Sept., GMT 12:04)

Mercury never stays still, it is fast moving, frivolous in nature, brings messages from A to Z in a second, can be beneficial as well as malicious depending on where/what it moves along. The most powerful sign for Mercury is of course Virgo, well known for writers and expressive or artistic geniuses. The 3rd retro of this year starts in Libra and ends in Virgo, while creating a mutual reception with Venus (she is then in Virgo moving into Libra), both staying in each others’ home signs.

– into Cancer (18 July, GMT 1:32)
– into Leo (11 Aug., GMT 18:30)
– into Virgo (5 Sept., GMT 4:05)
– into Libra (29 Sept., GMT 7:49)

Venus is a triplicity ruler of Cancer/Virgo (water/earth signs), so even before entering her home sign Libra, Venus is competent and effective in this series of transits. Notable aspects: Venus trine Saturn (13 July), Venus square Jupiter (25 July), Venus trine Jupiter (18 Aug.) and Venus square Mars (16 Sept.). All things equal, you can benefit from Venus trine (or square) Jupiter for a good outcome, but make sure to avoid Venus square Mars for anything to do with relationship/love!

– retro in Aries 8 (28 July, GMT 20:37)

Jupiter goes retro under the new Moon in Leo, making trine to the Moon. The retro lasts for about 4 months (until 23 Nov.), and Jupiter will be once again in Pisces (28 Oct.-20 Dec.). This is interesting, given the fact that Pisces is Jupiter’s home sign, and it is much better for Jupiter to stay in Pisces rather than in Aries, the house of Mars. One can only hope for some breakthrough with conflicts in Europe or in the world under Jupiter in Pisces.

– into Libra (23 Sept., GMT 1:04)

The moon’s major aspects prior to the Equinox as above is its opposition to Saturn (22 Sept.). After changing sign and entering Virgo, the moon makes square to Mars (24 Sept.). None of which is the best aspect for the moon, as they involve malefic planets, Saturn and Mars, whose own aspect (Mars trine Saturn) will be complete in 5 days. Mercury in retro conjoins the Sun within hours from the Equinox and goes back into its home sign of Virgo. The sky is somehow fragmented, waiting for something (bigger? better?) to happen.

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