October-December 2022

– direct in Virgo 24 (2 Oct., GMT 9:07)
– into Libra (10 Oct., GMT 23:51)
– into Scorpio (29 Oct., GMT 19:22)
– into Sagittarius (17 Nov., GMT 8:42)
– into Capricorn (6 Dec., GMT 22:08)
– retro in Capricorn 24 (29 Dec., GMT 9:31)

We start the last 3 months of this year with Mercury’s direct (in Virgo) and end the year with its yet another retro cycle (in Capricorn). Note that Mercury is weakest in Sagittarius among these signs, Sagittarius being opposite Mercury’s ruler sign of Gemini. Two observations (for you to verify): when Mercury changes sign, it is often accompanied by a change in weather – warm to cold or vice versa, or rapid/drastic change in temperature, etc.. The other notable (notorious) signature is when Mercury is in the last 4-5 degrees of sign, violent accidents/incidents tend to happen, which is because the last degrees of every sign are domain of Mars or Saturn (both Malefic). Mercury is neutral (neither malefic nor benefic) and gets itself carried away by whatever it touches; possible mitigations can depend on its strength/weakness according to sign.

– into Scorpio (23 Oct., GMT 7:52)
– into Sagittarius (16 Nov., GMT 6:08)
– into Capricorn (10 Dec., GMT 3:54)

Aspects to note: before Venus changes sign, trine to Jupiter (15 Nov) and square to Jupiter (9 Dec); both can be positive intervention. While her trine to Saturn (14 Oct) and trine to Mars (19 Oct) are less positive since they involve both malefic.

– (retro) into Pisces (28 Oct., GMT 5:10)
– direct in Pisces 28 (23 Nov., GMT 23:02)
– into Aries (20 Dec., GMT 14:32)

Jupiter has been retrograding since 28 July and it will go back into Pisces end October, before going direct and moving forward into Aries. Jupiter will remain in Aries until mid May 2023. Its direct in November coincides with new moon in Sagittarius (23 Nov., GMT 22:57) which is ruled by Jupiter. The moon’s last aspect prior to this new moon is trine to Jupiter, and following aspect is conjunct Venus, so positivity abounds.

– retro in Gemini 25 (30 Oct., GMT 13:26)

Mars’ retro is often tricky; we are more used to Mercury retro which is more or less ‘light’ and frivolous by nature (besides those last degrees mentioned above). Mars’ retro lasts longer (this one until 12 January 2023) and involves conflicts, wars, violence and destruction, all of which are clearly Mars’ domain. With the emphasis on ‘duality’ (Gemini), we will see how this should manifest for the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

– new moon in Scorpio 2 (25 Oct., GMT 10:49)

This eclipse belongs to ‘6 South’ (Saros Series) and is characterised by “great force or strength manifesting in the relationship area”. The moon’s last aspect prior to the new moon is square to Pluto and following aspect is conjunct Venus, thus expressions under this eclipse are not mild but decisive and sudden. Note also: time between this eclipse and lunar eclipse (full moon) in Taurus (8 Nov., GMT 11:02) can be considered as when ‘gates are open’. Nothing definite should be performed or expected in between these dates, so no signing or saying definite yes or no.

– into Capricorn (21 Dec., GMT 21: 48)

The sun’s ingress into Capricorn marks the occasion of our annual Solstice when day is the shortest (Northern hemisphere). The moon’s last aspect is trine to Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) and following aspect is opposition to Mars (retro). The general sentiment (Moon) is hopeful but at the same time gets confronted by battle and conflict (Mars) in the world. Mars is the only retrograding planet at this solstice – will Jupiter (justice and social responsibility) prevail?

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