2023 Preview

Just a quick glance at what is to come next year – most significant astro events as well as Mercury retro periods and eclipses.

Mars: Mars finally goes direct (12 Jan.) in Gemini, re-doing all that went wrong.

Saturn and Pluto: Two superior (outer) planets change sign in March, i.e. Saturn enters Pisces (7 Mar.) and Pluto enters Aquarius (23 Mar.). A BIG shift. Saturn leaves its ruling signs (Capricorn and Aquarius) after more than 5 years all together, and remains in Pisces until 25 May 2025. While Pluto’s stay in Aquarius lasts only about 3 months due to its retro, Pluto has not left Capricorn since 2008 (27 Nov.), so that is the scope of change in the air – it is not immediate but it is going to be big and long-lasting.

Jupiter: Jupiter enters Taurus (16 May) and the co-presence of Jupiter and Uranus in the sign of Taurus lasts for the rest of the year (without actually making conjunct).

Venus: Venus goes retro this year (23 July) which only occurs every 2 years or so. She is retro for the whole month of August, until 4 September.

Mercury retro in 2023:

28 Dec. 2022 – 18 Jan., in Capricorn 24 to 8 degrees;
21 Apr. – 15 May, in Taurus 15 to 5 degrees;
24 Aug. – 16 Sept., in Virgo 21 to 8 degrees;
13 Dec. – 2 Jan. 2024, in Capricorn 8 to Sagittarius 22 degrees.

Solar eclipses in 2023:

20 Apr. in Aries 29 degrees;
14 Oct. in Libra 21 degrees.

All in all, Saturn’s sign change dominates the whole scene next year. Saturn is responsibility, hard work, discipline, the old/ancient, territories/limits,”cold and dry”. Saturn makes you learn and work hard, but also gives you rewards.

More is coming in my next quarterly forecast (January-March 2023).

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