January-March 2023

– into Aquarius (3 Jan., GMT 2:09)
– into Pisces (27 Jan., GMT 2:33)
– into Aries (20 Feb., GMT 7:56)
– into Taurus (16 Mar., GMT 22:34)

This is a year in which Venus goes retro (23 Jul. – 4 Sept.); for now we can enjoy her normal forward motion. Significant aspects which Venus makes in this period are: her conjunction with Saturn (22 Jan.), with Uranus going direct at the same time. (Note that Uranus is barely moving around that time, so geological strains are maximum, i.e. earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.); conjunction with Neptune (15 Feb.) for dreaming those dreams; conjunction with Jupiter (2 Mar.) to give boost to the good and the courageous.

– direct in Gemini 8 (12 Jan., GMT 20:56)
– into Cancer (25 Mar., GMT 11:45)

Mars goes finally direct after being retro for 2.5 months. It goes into Cancer end of March, ending its long sojourn in Gemini (since 20 Aug. 2022). There is still duality (Cancer), but Cancer is governed by the Moon, thus there will be a shift in the nature of activity/action/aggression.

– direct in Capricorn 8 (18 Jan., GMT 13:13)
– into Aquarius (11 Feb., GMT 11:22)
– into Pisces (2 Mar., GMT 22:52)
– into Aries (19 Mar., GMT 4:24)

Mercury goes direct within a week from Mars’ direct in January, which is doubly good news. Among numerous aspects which Mercury makes in its daily motion, it is worthy of note: conjunction with Saturn at the last degree (29!) in Aquarius, hours before Mercury enters Pisces (2 Mar.). An accident/mishap alert, as Saturn receives ‘expression’ outlet through Mercury at notorious 29 degrees.

– into Pisces (7 Mar., GMT 13:35)

This is the biggest shift of the year 2023: Saturn changes sign from Aquarius into Pisces, leaving its host status (Capricorn and Aquarius) and becoming a ‘guest’ of Jupiter (ruler of Pisces). Much will then depend on the host Jupiter, as well as the nature of Pisces: water by element and mutable by quality. Can you become more flexible, or is your inner conflict on the increase? In any case, the shift is welcome, after so many years of having ‘classical’ Saturn. Saturn will stay in Pisces until end May 2025, so you will see it slowly and surely what Saturn in Pisces means to you.

– into Aries (20 Mar., GMT 21:24)

The place chosen for this chart of astrological new year (Equinox) is the Netherlands, where interestingly elections take place 5 days prior to this chart. Saturn has started its new cycle in Pisces, Mars is still hanging on in Gemini, and Pluto is right at the very end of Capricorn, moving into Aquarius in 3 days. Between 1st/Scorpio ruled by Mars and 7th/Taurus ruled by Venus, 7th (other/enemy) is winning over 1st (self/ego), since Venus is the strongest in this chart. Will this be reflected in the election results? If you also look at Arabic parts: Victory conjunct Uranus (Taurus 16), while Enemy conjunct Mercury (Aries 3) – curious!
Elections aside, the overall picture is shifting towards the new, symbolized by Mars and Pluto at the end degrees, and Saturn newly in Pisces.

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