Order Ultimate Report

You cannot anticipate everything that happens in your life, but you can reflect on your choices and make better choices, which is the (ultimate) purpose of my Ultimate report.

3 pillars of Ultimate report are:

Overview – Based on planetary positions in your natal chart, your strength/challenge and life promise are explained;
Temperament – how planets in your natal chart also tell you about your temperament type, for optimal mind/body balance and well-being;
Profection – which planet and what transits to watch for this year, via your (most recent) solar return chart. Plus important dates throughout the year, using the ‘distribution’ technique.

1 hour Skype consultation to be arranged, with notes + charts to be sent via email. When you order, please provide your date, place and time of birth.

Cost: Euro 99

NEWFollow-up Q&A consultation (to be ordered within 4 months from your Ultimate report order)

After you have digested information and get inspired, you may have more specific questions to ask. You may like to discuss further on a certain aspect of your chart. Or you may want to fine-tune your profection/distribution dates, for a successful career change!

30 minutes Skype consultation to be arranged. You can send in your questions or topic of choice ahead of the consultation via email.

Cost: Euro 59