Order Ultimate Report

Based on your personal planetary dispositions, Ultimate report gives you practical and useful information. It enriches your understanding of yourself.

You cannot anticipate everything that happens in your life, but you can reflect on your choices and make better choices, which is the (ultimate) purpose of Ultimate report.

In your natal chart, we will look at:

– your leading planet, what gives you strength and life promise;

– your temperament type and mind/body signifier, how to optimise your health and well-being.

We will also discuss:

– what profection year you are in, which house, planet and transits are most important to you this year;

– when (down to dates) things are likely to manifest most prominently, using your solar return chart and distribution technique;

– your Lots of Fortune and of Spirit.

Skype consultation (50 min.) to be arranged, with notes + charts to be sent in advance via email. When you order, please provide your date, place and time of birth.

Cost: Euro 69